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Why Dayan Chinthaka?

Why Dayan Chinthaka?

Mr.Dayan Chinthaka, is one of the leading tour operator in Sri Lanka. Every year he serves hundreds of  tour groups to enjoy their vacation in Sri Lanka. His previous guests are recommending him through the internet as one of the best tour operator in Sri Lanka with vehicle tours. If you are going on a motorcycle tour on a Honda Baja 250CC motorcycle or by a car or Jeep, he will guide you how to select the destinations and how many days to spend there. Most of the routes are familiar for him. He knows where is the next location for filling your gasoline tank. Where to stop for short rest, dinning and sleeping. Even in remote area he got lot of friends who are wiling to provide assistance when they see his tour group.

He can provide star class hotels, motels, bungalows and guest houses for your comfortable night stop or for some days of rest at good resorts at affordable price.

When going on motorcycle tour, his backup vehicle is filled with all the essential items, tools, gadgets and a top notch motorcycle mechanic. While on a tour if the people like to run in sand, streams, mud, hill climbing or treks he will adjust the tour to fulfill their needs without showing any diapproval.

While going through remote areas he knows where to get tasty hygienic food that everyone will like. For example he knows where the egg hoppers available, which are made hygienically and won't upset the foreign riders stomachs. The price, used to be very low and those riders pay extra cash for the boutique owner as they feel that he had charged them very low price. One time he asked the shop man to serve "coconut rotti" with out adding chillies ( Normaly it is added.) along with baked fish, potatoes, tomatoes and delicious soup.

When the cook was cooking the food Chinthaka used to act as an assistant cook to prepare those dishes. When the bill came the foreign tourist used to say why the food price are so cheap, is something wrong with the calculation? Chinthaka insisted that the price is correct and he said this is rural part of Srilanka and not Colombo city, where people used to get expensive bills for their dinner or lunch.

Most of the time he used to take his party members to stay in 3 star hotels if they can afford it and if they want it. Other wise he can provide them with best guest houses with twin sharing beds for checp price.

If such places are not available in that area, then he will take them to lodges where rooms are available with attached bathrooms and beds fitted with mosquito nets and you can't expect A/C but will have ceiling fan that is enough to cool the night to have a good sleep.

When they stop for night time rest, some place are really exciting ones as the guests can listen to far away night birds and sounds of animals from the forests that are located far away. In the morning they can go to a near by water fall to bath or to jump in to the small rivers while the locals are admiring them. Many villagers like to take photographs with the foreigners.

Once every thing is over riders go for breakfast during the motorbike tours. But Dayan and the mechanic will go to the motorbikes to check each of them to see whether they are in good running condition. Fill with lubricant oil, if the sump tank needs it. If there was any complaint by the rider on the time of the arrival in the guest house, Dayan will look after it to adjust the brake, clutch, tightening of chain, checking the air pressure and to fill it and so on. Then they go for a quick breakfast and continue with the journey without any breakdown.

At beaches some of the participants wants to go on scuba diving while some others wants to go on surfing or whale watching. Chinthaka won't be confused, with the help of the mobile phone and with his friends in the area, within minutes all will be arranged as per each person's wish. Early morning the whale watching group will board the boat while the group that wants to go for scuba diving and surfing will be taken care by the sports center owners. Mean while Chinthaka will run to arrange lunch for all the people when they come back at noon.

These are some of Dayan Chinthaka's routine while going on adventure ride or going on round tours between towns.

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