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Ramayana Tour, Sri Lanka.

Ramayana Tour, Sri Lanka.

As you know in the Ramayana epic, Sita Devi was taken to Sri Lanka by its ancient King Ravana using his peacock flight. As per the request of Lord Rama, Hanuman went on searching for Sita Devi and found her in Srilanka jungle under the custody of King Ravana. Then lord Hanuman came back to India and informed it to Lord Rama. Then Lord Rama made a bridge to Sri Lanka through the sea from India and came to Sri Lanka and made war against King Ravana and killed him and recaptured his wife Sita Devi.

Still there are many places in Sri Lanka that are related to Ramayana epic. For example a place is there next to the river on a mountain area which is called as Sita Eliya where history says that Sita was kept in prison in this Asoka vanam. Now there is a temple for the Sita Amman along with Lord Rama, Luxshmana, and Hanuman too. There are small and large foot imprints on the near by the rocks where people believe these were of Hanuman when he expanded his body to look bigger.

Muneswaram Sivan Temple is another important place, where Rama worshiped Shiv Linga to get rid of Brammahaththi Dosam that came on him for killing the King Ravana who was a devotee of the Lord Shiva.
Near to this Muneswaram Temple is the place Manavari Temple where Lord Rama crated his own Shiv Lingam to worship and named it as Rama Lingam. This is the one and only Ramalingam being worshiped out side of India. In India the Ramalingam is worshiped in the Rameswaram temple.

Another important place is Kelaniya Buddhist Temple, here you can see the artful details on how King Ravana's Brother Vibeeshnan was crowned as the king of Lanka.

Other important places in the Ramayana tour of Sri Lanka includes
    Manavari Shivan Temple
    Seetha Devi Temple
    Ravana Cave
    Manavari Temple
    Ashok Vatika
    Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple
    Ramboda Hanuman Temple
    Inuvil Hanuman Temple.

We take much care to provide the tour to be a divine one. Participants will be provided with best Indian vegetarian food from good vegetarian restaurants. ( If you want to to have non-veg food, we are happy to provide it.)

We give enough time for you to perform your "Santhiyavanthanam" in the mornings. By all means we take much care to make this tour to be a spiritual and religious journey to fulfill your aspiring religious believes.

This tour will provide you chance to view many of the interesting place that are very popular with the foreign tourist throughout your tour here. For example when traveling from Negombo to Kandy, we will stop at the Pinnawela elephant orphanage where you can view young elephants in the transit camp. In Kandy you can visit spice garden, Gem museum and cultural show. If you like you can extend the tour with more activities like sightseeing, shopping and many more interesting activities.

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Some images from the Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka operated by Ceylontusker Tours.

Nallur Murugan temple in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

                                                  Sita Temple.

                                                                   Sita Temple.

                                              Sita Temple.

                                                      Sita Temple.

Popular Nallur Murugan temple in Jaffna ( This is the RajaGopuram on its Right side)


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Jordanian couple here. We spent 4 wonderful days touring Sri Lanka with Dayan.

Dayan proved to have excellent knowledge of Sri Lanka and delivered a solid all-around service. Dayan took us to many off the beaten track places and recommended excellent sites for us to visit. He tried his best to accommodate our many requests and was very flexible in modifying our itinerary as we went along.

We strongly recommend hiring Dayan's services for an awesome time touring Sri Lanka.