Monday, March 30, 2015

Sri Lanka Tour Through Villages.

Sri Lanka Tour Through Villages.

Ceylontusker Tours provides best Sri Lanka tours that are far different from the tours which other companies used to provide you. Our travel plans used to include to take you to the local people in their village to see how they live and enjoy their life with the available resources. It doesn't matter whether you are on a vehicle tour, motorbike tour or Tuk Tuk tour with us, we will take you all the places that are important to you and your friends.

For example you can see how they catch fish in the seas with their fishing boats. How they bring them back and market them. View and experience the fish vendors in their stalls located in the small villages. You have the chance to view and will be offered the chance to buy freshly caught fishes in many varieties that are caught in the sea of course salt water fish. Many people are satisfied with the fresh water fishes in their country. Here you can buy and cook fresh sea food. Or give them to your hotel to prepare it for yourself. Also you can make your beach fire to grill them and enjoy the fresh seafood at very low price which is not imaginable in your own country.

See a typical fish stall.

Boat ready to unload fish

Fish Being transported on shoulders.

Fish being sold to cold store.
Fish preserved in regiform boxes for transport to nearby Towns.

Excess fish turned in to dry fish

 Large amount of salted fish drying in the sun.


Fish vendors near by the beach.

A small stall in the village fish market.

Woman Selling Fish in her stall.
 These fishes are expensive one as they are popular with the Sri Lankan community.

Ready for to cut and sale.

Road Side Fish Seller.

 Fish Stalls next to beach

Waiting for buyers.

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