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Rent Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka.

Rent Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka.


Rent Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka from Ceylontusker Tours, in Negombo. This is the best option while you you are coming to Sri Lanka for tour the island. We provide everything for you along with the Tuk Tuk rental. Certification and other paper works too will be looked after by us.

Why Ceylontusker Tours to Rent your Tuk Tuk?

1. Affordable rental price.
2. Perfect machines.
3. Friendly people.
4. No complaints from our customers.
Call or write us now to check.

Tour Sri Lanka in TUK TUK.
Sri Lanka Tour in a TUK TUK is the most adventures' one that you can go on to explore the island nation. Ceylontusker tours is with you to plan and assist you during your stay over here. We are one of the most experienced service provider to go on TUK TUK tours. We provide humble experienced driver.  Or can make it self-drive tour with your friends and partners.
Nearly one hundred tourists take on 2 - 3days ride or 2 - 3 weeks of duration. 

Tuk Tuk is the popular name which foreigners used to call the Sri Lanka three wheel transport mode. Here it is popularly known as auto and pronounced by people as "Aato". Three numbers of passengers can travel in comfort in this vehicle where the driver will stay in the front section. And it is illegal to carry 4 or more grown up passengers in it excluding the TUK TUK driver. This is very compact and it can easily navigate through the heavy traffic in large towns. If it is rain out side, then you can drop down the side covers which will save you from getting wet. Very bright front lights are available for night riding.

Our Sri Lanka Tour by TUK-TUK offer for you.
Need Tuk Tuk with driver or you want to self drive it?
If you want the TUK TUK with a driver you can start your tour right away from the Colombo Airport on your arrival.
If you want to self-drive it we will assist you with the necessary paper works and with the necessary training for you to drive over here.

So make advance booking for your three wheel with us before your arrival here.
Once you are here, give us a call we will come to your hotel with a well maintained one for you to ride away.

When you arrive in Sri Lanka for your vacation, we will pick you at the Airport. And will take to our place for further processing.

Rent or Hire a Tuk Tuk and tour around Colombo or Sri Lanka.
Delivery point: Normally Negombo area.
Want it in any other city in Sri Lanka, it can be arranged. (Small delivery charge will apply)

TUK TUK on Hire Availability: On Daily or Weekly rental basis.
Mileage: Unlimited.(Pump petrol at the nearest filling station and run.)
Driver: Private Driver/Guide (Driver need service pay, accommodation and Sri Lanka meals).
Engine Starting: Self start with battery/ Manual standard
Transmission: Manual (Hand Lever)
Reverse Gear: Available.
Seat Belts: Not available and not necessary to wear.
A/C: Not available, but you will get blowing air from outside, when driving a Tuk Tuk.
Lights: 2 Head Lights, left and right Yellow signal lights, rear red lights, Brake lights and parking lights..
Passengers: Driver and Three passengers.
Luggage Space: You can have small bags on the passengers lap, under the legs and behind the passenger seat. Limited Space. You can keep your locked luggage in our office.
Popular Brands are Indian manufactured Bajaj and TVS.

Advantages of three-wheel tour.
You can stop at any place, you like for photographing, for a break, to have local food, to drink popular coconut drink on the road side, stop in villages to chat with local people and to visit tourist attractions as per your wish.

Our Service Will Include:
We will assist you to get a temporary local driving license.
Provide you with Insurance and vehicle registration certificate.
Guaranteed no smoke will come from the tail end.

If you are 4 numbers of tourists then this is a good idea to make your own trip as per your wish, where of you will be the driver.

Cheap Transport For Wind Surfers And Body Surfers.
This is good for low budget Backpackers, board surfers and wind surfers.
Tuk Tuk is suitable for backpackers and the tourists going on surfing in Arugam Bay, Eastern province and Hikkaduwa Southern province.
Get three other surfers and share the travel expenses by hiring a Tuk Tuk from us.

How to Rent Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka?

1. Use the form in the right side of this Blog.
2. Contact Email:
3. Call: 0094776685331

Once you book a Tuk Tuk with us, we will provide all the important things regarding the vehicle.

 Sri Lanka Accommodation.

We will assist you to book good hotel rooms or good rooms in Guest houses. These are best for twin sharing.

Joyful couple ready to go on Tuk Tuk Tour in Sri Lanka.

Dayan Chinthaka providing assistance for the tourists who wants to go on Tuk Tuk tour around Sri Lanka.

Good reading.
How many people can travel in a tuk-tuk? 
Sri Lanka Prime Minister Launch Tourist Friendly Tuk Tuk Service.
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Anonymous said...

Onvewacht kwam ik in aanraking met een reis naar Sri Lanka.
Dayan heeft ons alle plekjes laten zien die we wouden met de mooiste routes die zelf nooit zouden vinden.
In Sri Lanka wonen zeer vriendelijke mensen alleen dat maakt de reis de moeite waard.
Met veel plezier kijk ik op deze reis terug.

Rene Holland

Anonymous said...

To all people,

De Sri Lanka rondrit was een prettige ervaring. We kenden reeds Travel2explore van de eerder gemaakte reis in de Himalya in India.Zoals eerder bleek is hun organisatie perfect geregeld.Onze gids Dayan Chinthaka is een zeer zorgzame en attente gast. Ook onze eeuwig lachende mechanicien Lahiru Nishan is steeds meer dan behulpzaam. ook de bijkomende organisaties zoals de tuktuks voor Kandy waren OK.
Fons en Herman

mirec404 said...

I contacted to Mr.Chinthaka with a request to lease two tuk tuks ( threewheelchair ) before travelling to Sri Lanka. He was acquitted of professional approach. We were waiting tuk tuks in a hundred percent state ready for a tour of Sri Lanka after our arrival. As the controll if these small cars requires some skills, we were instructed for a few hours until we were able to began our jorney. I would like to take an opportunity to thank Mr.Chinthaka and all of my fellow travelers. In case, you are interresting about something similar I can highly recommend services of Mr.Chinthaka.

ander and sofia said...

My boyfriend and I met Dayan at his office in Negombo. He was both professional and friendly. He offered us a drink and we discussed the arrangements. He answered any questionss we had and then he gave us a road map. He also spent about an hour giving my boyfriend a driving lesson (at no extra cost) in the tuk tuk. He was very patient and made sure my boyfriend was confident in the tuk tuk before leaving.
The vehicle was in a very good condition. It was much stronger than we had expected. We had driven almost 1000km across Sri Lanka, occasionally across bad roads (due to road building)and the tuk tuk survived it all.
We retunred the tuk tuk in Negombo. Dayan helped us find accomodation at a very reasonble Price for our last night in the city. The tuk tuk is a great way to see Sri Lanka. I definately recommend it!! Thank you Dayan!!