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Motorbike Tour in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

                                             TOUR JAFFNA ON MOTORCYCLES.

Ceylontusker Tours offer special Tour packages for to tour the Northern Province of Sri Lanka on Motorcycles.We offer Japanese and Indian made motorcycles for our guests for to tour Jaffna district.
Northern part of Sri Lanka was neglected by the touring agencies in the past due to the war that was taking place over there, as there was concern about the safety of the visiting tourists.
Now the areas surrounding the Jaffna district is far different after the end of the war and now it is changed in to a land with love and peace, where foreign tourists can travel freely. People living here are very friendly and most of them can speak English with you in their local accent. You can find nice places to stay and dine during your tour throughout this area. Every thing here is far different from the other places, that you had experienced.
You can witness ancient buildings and majestic churches that were built by the Portuguese, Dutch and British Governments during their ruling over here.

Dayan Chinthaka as the motorcycle tour leader will take you to places that were never explored by foreign tourists in the recent times. The roads are very good to go on fun ride and cruising. During your motorcycle ride in this district you can meet local people who are happy to welcome you, and you will wonder to watch their life style and habits. .

Jaffna district is nearly all the year shines with the sun except the months of November and  December. In these months you can expect heavy raining in this district. Good accommodation and hygienic food, bottled mineral water and American brand soft drinks too are available in most of the shops.
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Jaffna hotel information.
Riding through sand dunes and beaches offer you thrilling experience during your tour.(Below)

Gravel road riding offers you a new kind of experience during your trip  (Below)

                                            You can relax under the shady trees with gently blowing fresh air.  (Below)

                                                  Fantastic views of Sri Lanka towns.(Below)     
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