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Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka.

 Scuba Diving Holidays  in Sri Lanka.

While you on any of the Sri Lanka tour package, can spend one or two days for scuba diving in selected areas located in the Southern part or Eastern part of Sri Lanka, depending on the season. If you are interested in Scuba Diving and Snorkeling tours here, then contact
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In Southern Sri Lanka in the Weligama village there is a "PADI " recognized scuba diving service provider who can rent you diving equipments and can provide deep sea going boats to the diving spot. They assist beginners and expert divers to explore the under water sea around this area. For the beginners they will provide lessons and practicals through their certified instructor and will be available next to you all the time. We will make arrangements with them the days you want to go in to the sea and watch corals, sea creatures, fishes and many more interesting things. You can start your other activities and we will bring you here to start your under water experience and when you are satisfied with the experiences we will take you to continue with the tour by visiting the next destination.
Dayan Chinthaka will take you to the diving center with his private vehicle and arrange for diving equipment rentals. If you don't know scuba diving, then there are instructors available to teach you on how to do scuba diving at affordable price.
It is better to start the day early morning from the diving center to be cool as the noon time may be very hot. From the center three wheelers will be used to take you and the equipments to the beach and from shore to the deep sea by specially designed boat that will  help the divers leap in to the water easily.

If you are a professional diver and coming here on special vacation, then we will guide you to all the important places that are available as special diving locations. Some places we will need to have to get special permission to explore the sea through scuba diving and most importantly the weather must allow us to do it. There are plenty of ship wrecks too around Sri Lanka specially in the Galle harbor area. The popular one is in Batticaloa area Eastern part of Sri Lanka, where you can dive to view the British warship that was sunk by the Japanese army.

Some of the best diving sites in Sri Lanka.
Basses (Kirinda)

All kinds of diving equipments including GoPro cameras are available here for rent.
Rental of Complete equipment, Regulator, Wet Suites, BCD and Fins from reputed diving companies can be arranged by us.

If you like to go on Snorkeling then we can arrange for you to rent Snorkel mask and fins too.

Sri Lanka's Western coast is suitable for diving from November to April while the Eastern coast is good from May to October.

 All you have to have a nice vacation book your tour early as possible as lot of people used to come here for scuba diving during the season.

If you like to experience Diving in Sri Lanka,
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Can arrange Scuba diving and lessons in any part of Sri Lanka through reputed scuba diving companies that are associated with us.
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 Sample scuba diving video. This video was captured in Weiligama, Sri Lanka by our guests of Ceylontusker Tours with the guidance of Mr. Dayan Chinthaka. Our guests used their own underwater camera too to capture their adventure down in the deep sea.

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka.

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