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Nuwara Eliya - The Little England.

Why you must visit Nuwara Eliya while on Sri Lanka Tour?

Nuwara Eliya, is the popular hill resort in Sri Lanka, which is located at an altitude of 2000 meters. This land is renowned for the aromatic Ceylon tea, mountains, streams and carpet like green tea plantations and waterfalls. This hill station is overlooked by Pidurutalagala, the highest mountain peak in Sri Lanka. It was built and developed the British rulers when it was Ceylon under their rule. Now it is one of the best tourist destination in Sri Lanka and the leading place that celebrated the summer festival in the month of April.
The place looks like an old English country except for those Sri Lankans moving there. The British era buildings are still maintained to keep its previous charm.

Attractions of Nuwar Eliya
Lake Gregory

Lake Gregory was built by the Governor William Gregory during the 1872 – 1877 period by diverting the water from the Nanuoya that runs across the town. It is about 91.2 hectares in extent. It was said to be used for water sports during the British rule.
Now there is a boat yard which allows visitors to go on boating and rowing. Visitors used to go on Boat Tours in this Gregory Lake . Both pedal boats and motor boats are available for rent for tourists. Meanwhile sea planes use this lake for landing and take off.

Golf course
British made Golf course (1889) has become as one of the scenic green course in the mountain region of Sri Lanka. It starts from one corner of the town and when you visit Nuwara Eliya this is the one comes in to the first view. It is nestled into the valley, between the town and the surrounding forest in the hills. This is one of the fantastic 18 hole, 6070 yard, Par 70 layout course.

The Victoria Park.
You must not miss this beautiful park while you are in Nuwara Eliya. The park was named to celebrate  the 60th Jubilee Coronation of Queen Victoria in the year 1897. Foreign dignities used to plant trees here on their visits to this park. You can find many of them by the sign boards.

Galway Bird Sanctuary.
57.6 hectares of land in Nuwara Eliya had been gazetted as a Bird sanctuary in the year 1938. The Sanctuary contains many varieties of trees and 20 species of foreign birds and around 30 species of Sri Lanka origin. A calm nice place that should be visited with camera and video to capture images and bird sounds. Early morning and evening are best times.

Piduruthalagala Mountain.

This is the highest point in Sri Lanka which is overlooking the town to the north. You can't hike to the top of the peak but there is a small path off Water field Drive that leads to a waterfall. From there, the hikers can follow the river up passing seven more waterfalls as far as to the 7000 foot mark.

Hakgalla Gardens

Hakgalla Garden is located at 5581 feet from the sea level. There are stories that this garden  was used by the Ramayana epic King Ravana as pleasure garden with herbal plants.It was converted as a Botanical garden by British botanist Dr. G.H.K. Thwaites who was the director of Peradiniya Botanical Garden in 1859. Here you can find more than 60000 species of plants that had been grown here. Here you can find cypresses from the Himalayas, English oak, conifers and cedars from Australia, Bermuda.

Lover's Leap.
It is said that a popular English lovers ended their life here when their families not allowed them to get married. This is located in the Nuwara Eliya - Kandapola Road. The water from this stream is used by the popular brewery company to make Sri Lanka beer.

Waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya

Lovers Leap Fall
This water fall is located at Hawaeliya. Cascading from a massive rock this is 30 meters (99 feet) from height. This water fall is so much live during the rainy season.

St Claire Fall
This waterfall can be seen on the  Avissawella Nuwaraeliya road. This is wide and 80 meters height.
St Clair falls starts from Kothmale Oya .

Devon falls
This is 97 meters high waterfalls is loacted in Nuwera Eliya..

Aberdeen Falls
Aberdeen Fall is 98 meters in height and located in the Kehelgamuwa mountain range. The falls is cascaded in to several parts. To get the full view you have to see it from a distance.
Below Rawana Ella.


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