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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sri Lanka Tours.

Sri Lanka Tours.Sri Lanka Tours is a good idea for to spend your holidays alone or with your partner or with your family. This country is located in the tropical region so there is no snow at all. Only sun shine or seasonal rain. The raining also can be seen on certain areas as seasonal one. So there is no stoppage for your holidays as you can move to another part of the Island in quick time to have more fun. On the other hand during your tour you have many opportunities to view wild elephants in the forest and our tour will take you to one of the orphanage in the country. Here you can touch them and can feed them too.

Sri Lanka tour can be made with an A/C car, coach, motorcycle or TukTuk with the assistance of Ceylontusker Tours. Your travel plan can be arranged with us prior to your arrival here.
What is the difference between the Srilanka Vehicle Tours and the Sri Lanka motorbike tours?
In the vehicle tour, your driver will be the responsible and active person who will look after the vehicle, speed, route and happiness of the passengers. So as a tourist you don't need to worry about anything as the driver/guide will look after everything on the route. You can keep on watching the surrounding areas, can take photos or sleep in the comfort of the vehicle. Is it boring?  Ask the driver to stop at a good spot to take photos or to meet local people or to have some drinks by the road side cafeterias.

But while going on a tour on your motorcycle, with or without a team leader you have to take care of the incoming traffic, need to check your current position, need to worry about the speed of the motorbike whether you can reach the next resting point before dark, is the fuel enough for the travel plan and so many things you have to worry about it, But it is thrilling experience to ride motorbike in this beautiful island.

                                            ( Tourists enjoying freshly cut king coconut drink.)
Sri Lanka is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world, where stunning landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, fantastic beaches and culture exist. You can experience different type of climate in short distance of travel and it allows travelers to have cold or hot climate according to their interest. Enjoy gold and silver sand beaches with sun shine, UNESCO world heritage sites, lakes and cool mountains, waterfalls, paddy fields, dry zones, tea estates, marsh lands and rain forests in this island. All these are offered to you within a short distance of travel.
Best tour plan is to get our coast to coast 14 days holiday travel package in a car, coach or vehicle with private driver/ English speaking guide is available from us. We have many guides speaking Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, French, Italian, German and many other languages. If you want to modify a regular tour, then we can tailor make it to suite your holidays from 5, 6 - 15 days of duration.

Call or write us now for to get the latest tour prices.
When you book a tour package with us, please take note of these following things.
Package Cost. Calculated in US$ per person on twin sharing basis

What are included in the package?
Accommodation arranged in 3 Star hotels and/or Guest Houses. You have the freedom to select accommodation as per your financial position. There are 3 - 5 star hotels, Boutique hotels, Bungalows, service apartments, guest houses and motels available all around Sri Lanka.
Airport pick up and drop or hotel pick up and drop.
Mineral water.
Arrangements to buy a Sri Lanka SIM card for your mobile phone.
(It can be reloaded (top-up) from any part of Sri Lanka.)
For just 10$ you can get this Tourist connection SIM card
A/C Car, Jeep, A/C Mini Coach or A/C Coach with driver/Guide
Unlimited Mileage.

When you travel in National Parks special Jeeps will be used.

What are not included in the package?(Excluded)

Air Tickets.

Sri Lanka Visas are available online for most of the countries through the Sri Lanka Immigration website and it will allow you to get on arrival tourist visa at the Colombo airport.

Travel Insurance
Site Entrance Tickets.(Charged by the Government agencies).
Personal expenses (Drinks, soft drinks, mineral water, phone calls and tips etc.)
Lunches & Dinners.

What kind of Sri Lanka Tour packages Available with Ceylontusker Tours?
Beach Tours, Cultural Tours, Hill Country Tours, Scuba Diving Tour, Motorbike Tours, Private Driver Tours, Jeep Tours, Wildlife and Adventure Tours, Yoga and Meditation Tours, Northern Province Tour., Gem Stone Tour and Tuk Tuk tours with or without driver.

Whom I have to contact to get Sri Lanka tour package?
Mr.Dayan Chinthaka.
Ceylontusker Tours,
Sri Lanka.

Phone: 0094776685331
Or use the web form on the Right side of this Blog.

Video: Poland Tourists Going on Sri Lanka Motorbike Tour.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kandy Esala Perahera.

                                                                Kandy Esala Perahera.
Kandy Esala Perahera is one of the colorful religious event that used to take place in the nights during the festival days in the Kandy city, Sri Lanka. This Buddhist festival used to future dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, and beautifully decorated elephants. These elephants are the most adored animal during this period at this hill country station. Lot of people from all over the world used to come over here to view the event and to capture those giant decorated animals in their cameras. So to witness this great event you will need to reserve better seating facility without any obstruction.
Actually this Esala Perahera is performed to honor the Sacred Tooth Relic and the four guardian gods Natha, Vishnu, Kataragama and Pattini Devi The Kandy Maligawa Perahera is followed in order by those of the Natha, Vishnu, Kataragama and Pattini temples that are located close to the Kandy Maligawa.
If you are interested to visit Sri Lanka to witness this event contact us now.
We will welcome you at the airport and will place you in a good hotel.
We will make arrangements for you to view the event from a perfect place.
Once the festival is over you can go one with your Sri Lanka tour with us.
Once you are ready to go to your country we will drop you back at the airport.

Kandy Esala Perahera 2016.

Kapsituvima (Planting of the 'Kapa')            
Internal Perahera of Four Devales                 
1st Kumbal Perahera                                  
2nd Kumbal Perahera                                
3rd Kumbal Perahera                                   
4th Kumbal Perahera                                  
5th Kumbal Perahera                                   
1st Randoli Perahera                                   
2nd Randoli Perahera                                   
3rd Randoli Perahera                                   
4th Randoli Perahera                                  
5th Randoli Perahera                                  
Day Perahera (Water Cutting Ceremony)     

 Nicely Narrated Document by Ms Karen Bowerman on Kandy and Kandy Perahera.
View the YouTube Video here.

Buddhist festivals, featuring dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, and beautifully decorated elephants. - See more at:
Buddhist festivals, featuring dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, and beautifully decorated elephants. - See more at:
Buddhist festivals, featuring dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, and beautifully decorated elephants. - See more at:
Buddhist festivals, featuring dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, and beautifully decorated elephants. - See more at:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Motorbike Tour in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

                                             TOUR JAFFNA ON MOTORCYCLES.

Ceylontusker Tours offer special Tour packages for to tour the Northern Province of Sri Lanka on Motorcycles.We offer Japanese and Indian made motorcycles for our guests for to tour Jaffna district.
Northern part of Sri Lanka was neglected by the touring agencies in the past due to the war that was taking place over there, as there was concern about the safety of the visiting tourists.
Now the areas surrounding the Jaffna district is far different after the end of the war and now it is changed in to a land with love and peace, where foreign tourists can travel freely. People living here are very friendly and most of them can speak English with you in their local accent. You can find nice places to stay and dine during your tour throughout this area. Every thing here is far different from the other places, that you had experienced.
You can witness ancient buildings and majestic churches that were built by the Portuguese, Dutch and British Governments during their ruling over here.

Dayan Chinthaka as the motorcycle tour leader will take you to places that were never explored by foreign tourists in the recent times. The roads are very good to go on fun ride and cruising. During your motorcycle ride in this district you can meet local people who are happy to welcome you, and you will wonder to watch their life style and habits. .

Jaffna district is nearly all the year shines with the sun except the months of November and  December. In these months you can expect heavy raining in this district. Good accommodation and hygienic food, bottled mineral water and American brand soft drinks too are available in most of the shops.
Tours operated by www.ceylontusker. 
Jaffna hotel information.
Riding through sand dunes and beaches offer you thrilling experience during your tour.(Below)

Gravel road riding offers you a new kind of experience during your trip  (Below)

                                            You can relax under the shady trees with gently blowing fresh air.  (Below)

                                                  Fantastic views of Sri Lanka towns.(Below)     
Need more information about this Jaffna District motorcycle Tour?
Contact us

Source: Top Tour

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sri Lanka Tour Through Villages.

Sri Lanka Tour Through Villages.

Ceylontusker Tours provides best Sri Lanka tours that are far different from the tours which other companies used to provide you. Our travel plans used to include to take you to the local people in their village to see how they live and enjoy their life with the available resources. It doesn't matter whether you are on a vehicle tour, motorbike tour or Tuk Tuk tour with us, we will take you all the places that are important to you and your friends.

For example you can see how they catch fish in the seas with their fishing boats. How they bring them back and market them. View and experience the fish vendors in their stalls located in the small villages. You have the chance to view and will be offered the chance to buy freshly caught fishes in many varieties that are caught in the sea of course salt water fish. Many people are satisfied with the fresh water fishes in their country. Here you can buy and cook fresh sea food. Or give them to your hotel to prepare it for yourself. Also you can make your beach fire to grill them and enjoy the fresh seafood at very low price which is not imaginable in your own country.

See a typical fish stall.

Boat ready to unload fish

Fish Being transported on shoulders.

Fish being sold to cold store.
Fish preserved in regiform boxes for transport to nearby Towns.

Excess fish turned in to dry fish

 Large amount of salted fish drying in the sun.


Fish vendors near by the beach.

A small stall in the village fish market.

Woman Selling Fish in her stall.
 These fishes are expensive one as they are popular with the Sri Lankan community.

Ready for to cut and sale.

Road Side Fish Seller.

 Fish Stalls next to beach

Waiting for buyers.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Water Sports in Sri Lanka.

Water Sports in Sri Lanka.

Looking for a fantastic holidays by the ocean? Then Sri Lanka is the place to fulfill your requirements. The island is surrounded by the sea where some places you meet roaring ocean and some places you meet smooth moving lagoons. In side of the country you can find rivers that are running slow and some are running in large flow. Any where you like you have the opportunity to enjoy many kinds of water sports facility. You don't need to bring your scuba sets or rowing paddle. Here you can hire them for a day or up to your wish. Friendly professional too available here as coaches and trainers to teach you the sports that you may think tough to learn.
Look some of the facilities that are available around the water front in Sri Lanka. 
Banana Boat Riding
Cable Skiing
Jet Skiing
Kite Surfing.
and many more are available for you to be engaged while you are touring here. We at work round the clock to produce safe and enjoyable journey while you are here in Srilanka.


If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka for a tour under Ceylontusker Tours, don't forget to mention to allocate dates for you to spend some time at the beach fronts where you can go on wake-boarding, scuba diving, surfing or on any other interested water sports that you may like to go on here. Don't worry about the gadgets as we can arrange them for you to rent at a nearby rental shop. Like to learn these interesting sports, no problem we will arrange a perfect certified instructor for you to get the fundamental training and techniques.
Last year alone hundreds of people had participated in these water sports events and had nice time in Sri Lanka beaches. Many of our foreign tourists had posted their photos in Pinterest, Facbook and Twitter accounts. Remember performing these events are not costly one if you are coming in group to have your vacation here.

We promise you that this land offers all the best for the tourists and Mr. Dayan Chinthaka is here to look after your travel plan and to offer you memorable tour packages with low fare.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sri Lanka Motorbike Rental.

Sri Lanka Motorbike Rental.

Ceylontusker Tours offer Motorcycle rental service (Hire) in Sri Lanka on daily rental basis.
We don't need to say that we are the #1 company here.
Every week, we provide Motorbike tours too. Click Here.
Unlimited mileage. Machines are roadworthy and in perfect running condition. Bike's documents are up to date.

                                                  (Motorcycles ready for rent.)

We will assist you in getting Temporary local riding license.(Service charge applies.)
Can be delivered to any part of Sri Lanka (service charge applies).
Requirements: Refundable deposit and Passport photo copy are requested.

When you Rent motorcycle from Ceylontusker Tours, we will provide the following.
1. Full Insurance
2. Unlimited Mileage
3. 1 or 2 Helmets
4. Extra cable Lock.
5. 24 Hour Road Assistance
6. Bungees
7. Advice on Routes.    

Following Japanese machines are available for Rent from us:

                                                       Honda Baja XR 250 cc
                                                       Honda XR 250 R
                                                       Honda NX 250 cc
                                                       Yamaha XT 250 cc
                                                       Honda LA Custom 250cc

You may be interested to rent a motorbike and do your own Sri Lanka travel with your partner.

Want to Rent a Motorcycle? (Hire)
Call now: Dayan Chinthaka 0094776685331
Book through: chinthaka3624@gmail.comOr use the web form on the side.



Monday, August 11, 2014

Sri Lanka Budget Tour.

Sri Lanka Budget Tour. (All Inclusive)
Duration:7 Nights/ 8 Days Price: US$ 1,385 (2 persons.)

 Sri Lanka all inclusive Budget tour is designed for couple, families and group of friends who want to tour this beautiful Island in a fully air conditioned Car or Mini coach. We at Ceylontusker will take care of you when you arrive at the Colombo International airport and will drop you back at the airport once your tour is over. Within short period you can experience different climatic conditions and terrains. On the other hand you can venture in to the sea, touch and feels the large Sri Lanka Elephants and if you like you can get a ride on it. Waterfalls are available in the high lands  and you won't leave such a marvelous looking places with surrounding natural beauty. There are lot of activities are waiting for you at the beach fronts, river banks and in the jungles for your holidays over here in Sri Lanka. There is not an island in the world that can match the beauty and its tropical zone conditions. Call us now or fill the web form and send it to us for more information.

Ancient Cities.

Dry Zones and Wet Zone s of Sri Lanka.
What is special in this tour?
We will pick up you from the Colombo airport on arrival.
Will drop you back at the airport once the tour is over.
We will provide one local number SIM with call minutes and data plan for your Smartphone.
All the entrance tickets of the special sites will be paid by us..
We will stop any where you want to take photographs or to get some relax.

Is there any catch?
Nothing. Most of the things are included in the tour package, except the lunch.

How long before I should book this tour?
It depends on your interests like scuba diving, deep sea fishing and so on. If you Book with us early with your interests we will have enough time to arrange them for you.
We have enough Driver/Guides and vehicles.
With minimum notice we are ready to take you on the tour.

Tour Itinerary.
Travel Plan 1
Nuwera Eliya
Hortan Plains
Yala National Park
Tangalla Beach ,
Mirissa Beach
or Unawattuna Beach.
Travel Plan 2
Sri pada (Adam's Peak)
Nuwara Eliya , Horton Plains
World's end
Yala National Park

Travel Plan 3.

Nuwara Eliya
Unawatuna Beach

Normal activities during the tour.
When traveling through Anuradhapura you have the chance to look wild elephants by the road side.
Latest Wind Power plants.(Puttalam)
Elephant ride.
Visiting Gem museum
Herbal & Spice garden.
Cultural Show.
View making of Handicrafts with wood.
Batik works on clothes.
Tea Factory. Watch how they make black tea.
Visit Noritake porcelain Factory sales outlet.
Japan Peace Pagoda.
Hiking in Horton Plains.
Turtle Hatchery

Optional Activities.

White water rafting.
Scuba diving
Whale and Dolphin watching,
Wind Surfing,
Deep sea fishing,
Jet skiing,
Hot air Ballooning and many more.(Check with us)

What is included in this tour?

Twin share room in Guest Houses.
Breakfast and Dinner.
A/C Car, Jeep, A/C Mini Coach or A/C Coach.(According to the guest numbers.)
Jeep for Safari.
Private driver/ Guide - English speaking or any other language you may like.
Entrance tickets for the special sites.
Enough Mineral Water for drinking.
Free Standard or Nano Sim card with a local number. Rs 700 talk time and 500Mb data plan.Incoming calls and incoming SMS text messages are free.(Future re-load by the guest)

What is Excluded in this tour?
Air ticket.
Visa Arrangements.
Re-Loading of mobile phone (top up).
Personal expenses.
Other expenses not included in the tour.

We will provide best and clean, twin sharing rooms in Guest houses.
Some of them have Swimming pools too.
Many of them offer free Wi-Fi, so every day you can upload pictures to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts instantly.


European Dishes or delicious Sri Lanka Dishes.

Why wait?
Book your tour now.
This offer is very good. Don't miss this travel opportunity.

For more information visit

To book this Tour
1. Use the form in the right side of this Blog.
2. Contact Email:

                                                               Golden Temple Entrance.